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" It engages with pleasure and at the same time conveys interesting food for thought even today" - CIAK

1938, Ascoli Piceno. It’s an ordinary day in a provincial town like so many others in Italy. The tables are set and Luciano has just opened his restaurant. Behind the large windows overlooking the old town square,  the small town life in those years  happen. These are the years of consent, public works and new cities. Luciano is a fascist, like the majority of Italians at that time, but in his own way.  What he cares about are his restaurant and the daily tasks to which he diligently dedicates himself. Until one day outside the restaurant window, a young woman appears and timidly asks him if he is looking for staff.  But that young woman has a secret...

CAST: Riccardo Scamarcio, Benedetta Porcaroli, Lino Musella, Valeria Bilello, Waël Sersoub, Sandra Ceccarelli, Vincenzo Nemolato, Antonio Salines, Costantino Seghi, Giorgia Fiori
YEAR: 2021
LENGTH: 125 min.
GENRE: Drama
AWARDS: • Nominated Best Actress (Benedetta Porcaroli), Best Supporting Actor (Lino Musella), Best Production Design: Nastro d'argento
RATING: USA: no rating

TIMES: November 8, 6:30 p.m.,, Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts,
***Special appearance by director Giuseppe Piccioni***
  November 13, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time til 3:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on November 14

  Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.


Giuseppe Piccioni was born in Ascoli Piceno. After having graduated with a degree in sociology from the University of Urbino,  he completed his first full length film in 1987: Il grande Blek. With Fuori dal mondo (1998), he won 5 David di Donatello awards and numerous other awards in Italy and the world.

Regarding his film Shadow of the day, Piccioni said: "one day I was in Ascoli inside the caffè Meletti that we later transformed to a restaurant. Like Luciano, I found myselff looking out of the window, saying to myself that we could not find a better film set." 

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