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"What a pleasant surprise" - IL GIORNALE

One morning Paolo hops on his scooter off to work. For his daily bravado he crosses an intersection with the red lights on, gets hit by a truck and dies. What if for a miscalculation in Paradise, you get an extra hour and a half to live after death trying to achieve what really counts in life...being with the people you care your partner, your children, your friends and with them enjoy just little things! How to cram happiness in an hour and half?

Liberally inspired by two books by Francesco Piccolo:em>Momenti di trascurabile felicità and Momenti di trascurabile infelicità.


Pierfrancesco Diliberto aka Pif, Renato Carpentieri, Federica Victoria Caiozzo aka Thony, Francesco Giammanco, Angelica Alleruzzo, Vincenzo Ferrera, Franz Cantalupo, Manfredi Pannizzo

YEAR: 2019
LENGTH: 93 min.
GENRE: Comedy/Drama
AWARD: • Nominated Best Actress (Thony): Nastro d'argento
RATING: USA: no rating; MyMovies +13

TIMES: March 26, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time til 3:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on March 27

  Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.


Daniele Luchetti, born in Rome, debuted as assistant director for Nanni Moretti for Bianca in 1983. In 1988, Daniele won the David di Donatello Best Emerging Director award for Domani accadrà, followed in 2011 by Best Director for La nostra vita.
Regarding his film, Luchetti said: " I have always loved the two books by Francesco Piccolo from which the film was based. We have added a lot, inventing a frame inspired by certain old films, and we have supported these "moments" between heaven and earth, that is, between the real paradise and the city of Palermo, where the story takes place, why abandon Palermo - for the 'afterlife - is more poignant than other colder and foggy abandonments."

DISTRIBUTOR: Rai Com S.p.A., Via Umberto Novaro, 18, Rome