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"the teacher and the urchin, a sentimental thriller" - CORRIERE DELLA SERA
PLOT: Gabriele Santoro lives in a working-class district of Naples and is a professor at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella, where he teaches piano.
One morning, while he is shaving, the postman sounds the buzzer to tell him a parcel has arrived. He presses the button to open the door and, before going to pick it up, stops to wash his face. In that brief span of time, a ten-year-old boy sneaks into his apartment and hides. “Il maestro”—that is what they call him in the neighborhood—will not discover the boy until late in the evening. When he does, he recognizes the intruder as Ciro, who lives with his parents and siblings in the top floor of the same building. Asked to explain the reason for his flight, Ciro does not talk. Nonetheless, the maestro, acting on instinct, decides to let him hide in his apartment, embarking on a singular, and tenacious, defiance of Ciro’s enemies.
Based on the novel “Il bambino nascosto” by the director, Roberto Andò.
CAST: Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Pirozzi, Lino Musella, Imma Villa, Francesco Di Leva, Salvatore Striano, Enzo Casertano, Tonino Taiuti, Roberto Herlitzka, Gianfelice Imparato, Alfonso Postiglione, Claudio Di Palma, Sergio Basile, Martina Lampugnani
YEAR: 2021
LENGTH: 110 min.
GENRE: Drama
AWARDS: • Nomination Queer Lion: Venice Film Festival
RATING: USA: no rating; MyMovies: +13

TIMES: April 2, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time til 3:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on April 3

  Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.


Roberto Andò was born in Palermo. His mentor was Leonardo Sciascia who encouraged him to write. Then he became an assistant to Federico Fellini and Francesco  Rosi. In 1995 Roberto presented his first film Diario senza date at Venezia. He won thel David Donatello and Nastro d’argento for Best Screenplay for Viva la libertà.

Regarding his film, Andò stated: "Criminal organizations exacerbate two characteristics of families, especially those that fall within the most archaic tradition of the South: the sense of ownership over their relatives and the obligation to respect a common code. In this film, the tragedy is triggered because on the one hand there is he is a father who has to submit to the organization's request to hand over his child, guilty of an unforgivable mistake, on the other hand there is the mother who would like to save him. .

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